On Going South For The Winter

by Leo Doucet

Today it's cold, the wind is blowing
The sky is grey, the sun is going
The forecast is for rain and snow
To a warmer clime I think I'll go

I want to go where its warm and clean
But have to stay within my means
I do not like the winter time
Especially here in the Maritimes

I check the trailer, I check the truck
I say a prayer just for luck
I go the bank and get my money
The wind turned warm, now ain't that funny?

Its Indian summer some people say
The sun is bright, its a lovely day
I lock the trailer, I lock the truck
I forget the prayer I said for luck

I'll wait a week or maybe two
I'll do some chores I promised to
I'll rake the leaves, I'll paint a room
I'll sweep the basement with a broom

Its cold outside and windy too
I'm now coming down with the flu
I should have gone the other day
I would be now well on my way

I've been real sick for a week or two
with that crazy stupid flu
I'll stay a while and get some rest
So when I leave I'll feel my best

Its colder now with rain and hail
Whats this that came in with the mail
Looks like a bunch of Christmas cards
I look outside, its snowing hard

I can't leave now, I've gifts to buy
I'm low on money, the prices high
I'll have to stay for a week or three
I've got to get a Christmas tree

Christmas is past, so's New Year's week
The snow's now more than two feet deep
I'll try to shovel out a path
The snow is falling hard and fast

I can't shovel anymore
The snow is up around the door
I stoke the stove but now I'm wary
Were at the end of January

The sun comes out once in a while
I look at it, and then I smile
Maybe, just maybe I can go
If only the sun would melt the snow

Not a chance, the March storms blow
Oh what a curse this doggone snow
I start the truck, turn on the heat
It's no use, snow's five feet deep

April showers help melt the snow
I wish to heck it all would go
I'll see some ground within a week
Maybe a tulip will take a peak

I could go now but were in May
The grass has grown and turned to hay
The birds are back, all are on time
Spring's so pretty in the Maritimes

I think I'll stay the summer here
That trip South I'll take next year
I'll leave before the cold winds blow
I'll be gone before the snow

I keep on saying that every year
But in the winter I'm always here
I only dream of where its warmer
I guess at heart I'm a Maritimer

The End.