Mott William A. age 29, born Campbellton, Advocate, Presb. son of
William Mott and Penelope Stewart. Married Sept. 25/1894. Harriet
E. Henderson age 22, of Campbellton. daughter of John Henderson
and Eliz. Galbraith witnesses: H. Lunam and Mary Harper.

Mott Ethel Annie age 24, of Campbellton, d/o William Mott and Penelope
Stewart. married Nov. 19/1890. Stenning H. Lingley age 33, born
Saint John NB living Campbellton, s/o J. Edward Lingley and
T.A.Robertson. witnesses: Minnie Kerr and W. Albert Mott

William Albert had a brother named David Gordon who married
Mary (Mame) Mowatt, he died in a boating accident during the
construction of the Panama Canal. Mame returned to Campbellton
and re-married to a man by the name of George MacKenzie

Harriet Elizabeth Henderson Mott later became Registrar of Deeds
for Restigouche County and remained so for many many years

Some of William Mott Sr.'s brothers and sisters were :
David Mott (who married Christina Duncan on Nov. 9/1871)
John Mott (married Ellen ?) , Adam Mott (no info available on him)
Archibald, Mary Ann, Margaret, Catherine (no info available on them)

The Mott family was one of the first ones to live on Long Island
an island just off Flantlands New Brunswick. They got grants for
lots number 7-8-9-and 10 on the Island. The 1861 census shows
John Mott, age 30, living on Long Island with his brothers and
sisters, listed in Addington parish
Catherine who is age 25, David 23, Mary Ann 21, Archibald 17
are also with them on the island. The island today is uninhabited
and it lies very low, near the Restigouche river which causes
the island to be flooded and to receive ice damage almost each year

The same year, William Mott and Penelope Stewart are shown
living also in Addington parish, but not mentionned on Long Island
William is listed as being a General Merchant and 34 years of age

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