Two ladies fall to their death off Sugarloaf Mountain
was probably the headlines of the Campbellton newspapers
in November of 1924

Two crosses were later painted where the bodies were found
Rumours have it that the Ramsay girl was pregnant
but what happened that nite on Sugarloaf Mountain
no one will ever know for sure
In the square below
you will see the crosses
larger one on the left
below the other
smaller one on the right
a bit above the other

Four P.M. Nov.9/1924
Mrs Edmund McLean age 19, and her sister, Miss Lottie Ramsay age 17
left home around 4pm on Nov.9/1924 to climb Sugarloaf Mountain
They were the daughters of Mr. and Mrs Sydney Ramsay of Campbellton.

It must have been close to being dark in Nov. at that time of day
so what possessed them to do so, no one will ever know
When they were not back by 6pm family got worried
then by nite time they knew something was not right
At daylight, they followed their footprints in the thin layer of snow
to the very edge of the mountain. A search of the land below
brought sad news for family and friends

The bodies of the two ladies were found some 600 feet below
by J.H. Moores, (policeman), William Smith and a Mr Gay
bodies were taken to Graham's undertaker, coroner was
Mr Martin and the Dr. was Dr. Mac Pherson

The girls were survived by husband, Edmund McLean
Mrs Ernest White of Kneevalley Alberta
Miss Ella Ramsay of Buffalo N.Y.
Auley of Campbellton
Calvin of Campbellton
Sydney of England
James of Campbellton

Pallbearers for the girls were :
Bert Tyler, Charles Tyler, Ernest Adams,
Earl Lutes, Clifford Steve, George Allingham
Philip Gallie, Guy Cronkite, William Harvey
Leslie Dow, Stuart McLaughlin and
Charles Dobson

Here is a note from Mrs. Harold Jamieson about the accident!

When the Ramsay girls fell to their death, their sister Ella, was living
with us in Niagara Falls, New York, not Buffalo. Our familys were close, and
it was a terrible tragedy, that Ella never fully got over.
Sugarloaf was a favorite place to picnic, and I have several pictures of
the good times we had there!

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