Short Biography of Leo Doucet

I was born in Dalhousie, NB on May 24, 1926 the son John J. Doucet and Eva Arseneault. My paternal grand parents were Joseph A.Doucet and Emilie Doucett from Bathurst and my Maternal grandfather was Vincent N. Arseneault from Balmoral and Emilie Leblanc from Maria, Gaspe region, Quebec.

I attended the Convent school in Dalhousie until January of 1944 I joined the Canadian Army and because of my age was immediately transferred to the Canadian Technical Training Corps (Canada's wartime Boy Soldier's) and attended the Fredericton High School until the first day the Army recruited volunteers for the Canadian 6th Division for active duty in the South Pacific. I was immediately transferred to the Royal Canadian Engineers and trained in bomb disposal and demolitions, then my group was transferred to Camp Breckenridge in Kentucky to link up with a Battalion of US Combat Engineers.

At this point the Atom bomb was used and the Japanese surrendered, thus I did not see action.

I took training for 1 1/2 years as an Architectural and Engineering Draughtsman and served in the Army for a total of 23 years plus 1 year in the Militia. Highlights of my Military career are; I was an Instructor at the Royal Canadian School Of Milirary Engineering for two years where I taught Draughting, Land Surveying and Specification Writing.

As Canada's sole Draughtsman while attached to HQ. British Army of the Rhine in Germany, I designed the military camps for Canada's 27th Brigade that formed part of the NATO forces.

Spent three years as Chief Draughtsman, Bridge Department, Alaska Highway. Received the Pope John 23rd. Medal for supervising construction of the RC Cathedral in Whitehorse.

Served with Royal Canadian Engineer Companies No.1, 7, 20 and 31

I took early retirement from the Army in 1965 and was then employed as Assistant Resident Engineer on the Belledune Smelter and Wharf construction complex.. When that project was completed I was appointed Manager of the Community Improvement Corporation's Northeast NB Region with head office in Bathurst. Three years later I was appointed Secretary (Registrar) of the Public Service Labour Relations Board serving in that capacity for 20 years until retirement from Government service. I then worked in construction for a few more years for a total of 54 years in the work force.