Walter (Bill) Stewart Mott

Some family history differs about why Walter
was called "Bill" so I will place both stories here
According to Katharine Mott:
"Dad was called 'Bill' from the time
he was born, not just as an adult. The story as told by my aunt, Tib
(Elizabeth), who was 7 years old when Dad was born, is that the
first two children of William Albert and Harriet Henderson died.
They were William Albert (Aug 10, 1895 - Nov 3, 1895), and George
Bliss Seeley (May 18, 1897 - June 27, 1897). When Dad (Walter Stewart)
the last child, came along in 1909, he looked exactly like the first.
Being somewhat superstitious, his parents were reluctant to call him
William so named him Walter but called him 'Bill'."

Katharine's sister Annabella says this about it :)
The story I was told about why Walter was called
Billy always was that his father, W.A., first picked him
up & said that he looked like 'Wild Bill Hickock'. I don't
know if that is true or not!

John Albert Vaughan,
Walter (Bill) Stewart Mott
and Gordon Mott
noted in front of
The Hamilton Monument??
See how Bill seems to
be looking closely and
trying to imitate
the stance of Gordon ?

Walter (Bill) Stewart Mott

Walter (Bill) Stewart Mott
Penny (Vaughan's daughter)
Elizabeth Penelope Mott
and Vaughan Mott

John Albert Vaughan Mott
Elizabeth Penelope Mott
and Walter (Bill) Stewart Mott

David Gordon Mott
Walter (Bill) Stewart Mott